"And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?" Alma 5:14

Experiencing The Mighty Change

Shortly after my wife and I were married, we sat together with her family in a meeting called by her parents.  In this meeting her parents announced that they no longer believed in the church in which they had raised their family.  Like an earthquake, the announcement shook the faith foundations of many in the room.  Over the next several months my free time was occupied by an earnest search for understanding and answers to the issues facing my family.  That is when the Lord directed my wife and me to the book, Experiencing the Mighty Change.

As I read the book with an open heart, I began to see the scriptures unfold to me in a way I had not previously imagined.  My eyes were being opened, and I was awakening to my awful situation.  Excited about what I was learning, I wanted copies of this book.  I had a faint hope of obtaining more copies by calling an old phone number inside my copy of the book, and found myself speaking with the author.  He invited us over after learning that we lived only a few miles away.  We quickly became very close friends with him and his wife.

Prior to the author’s passing in September 2013, we spoke about the availability of this book.  He wanted the book available to as many people as would read it, at as little cost as possible (while in print he only charged the cost to print it, and often gave away his own copies).  As a result, he authorized me to put the content online for people to read and print copies for themselves.

As you read, I urge you to do so prayerfully, with an open heart and real intent.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.


Experiencing the Mighty Change



Chapter 1 : The Key To Establishing A Zion Society Additional Scriptures On The Reality And Importance Of The Change “Say Nothing but Repentance” Finally Clearly Explained The “Gospel” As Defined By The Lord Excerpts From “Mormon Doctrine” By Bruce R. McConkie The Adversary Hates The Baptism Of Fire Doctrine
Chapter 2 :  Is The Change Really An Event – And Just How Important Is It, Really? Is It Really An Identifiable Event Is There Another Way Just How Important Is This Change
Chapter 3 :  What Time Is It?
Chapter 4 :  Condemnation – Why We Are Under It – And – How To Remove It

Chapter 5 : Righteousness The Righteousness Formula Obedience Proper Attitude Pure Motive Priesthood Or Priestcraft Power Of God A Word Of Caution
Chapter 6 : Pinpointing Our Present Condition
Chapter 7 : Is There A Way Out? Lifting The Condemnations — Belief vs Unbelief The “We Have Enough” Attitude The Vanity Attitude Selfishness The Faith Of A Lad Faith To Loan The Faith Of A Widow The Lord’s Promises Prosperity – The Two-Edged Sword
Chapter 8 : Clean What Does It Mean To Be Clean Forgiveness For The Subjects Of King Benjamin
Chapter 9 : Mighty Prayer
Chapter 10 : Remission Of Sins (Plural) When The Lord Opens The Bag
Chapter 11 : The Lord’s Part In Repentance Keith – A Modern Enos The Application
Chapter 12 : Manifestations That Attend True Repentance
Chapter 13 : The Hated Principle – Fasting Fasting Strips The Devil Of His Power The Lord’s Call Fasting – Sacrificial Suffering The Crisis
Chapter 14 : Preparation For Baptism Baptism Preparation For Those Who Are Accountable
Chapter 15 : The Synonyms
Chapter 16 : The Voice Directly The Prison Conversion Satan’s Voice
Chapter 17 : The Promise
Chapter 18 : Rest
Chapter 19 : Opposition And Praise
Chapter 20 : The Forgiving Attitude
Chapter 21 : Mercy, Justice And Judgment Judgment

Chapter 22 : The Divine Laws Of Love – Our Prime Directives
Chapter 23 : One More Time – A Review Confession And The Broken Heart And Contrite Spirit Fasting And Prayer Daily Devotions And The Sacrament Ask and Ye Shall Receive Sincere Desire
Chapter 24 : Final Thoughts What To Expect What It Is Not – Not “Purification” Caution What It Is – Additional Aspects Qualify As A Candidate For The Church Of The Firstborn Certain Additional Knowledge New Insights Into The Scriptures Judgments Stayed Enduring To The End – Or Retaining A Remission Of Your Sins The Only Way – Keeping And Following The Spirit Of The Lord
Chapter 25 : CAUTION: Beware The Principle Of The Two-Edged Sword!!

Chapter 26 : Delusions And Divorce – A Scriptural Position Delusions Caused By Satan Man-Caused Delusions Delusions From God The Lord’s Commandments On Divorce And Marriage Addendum To “Delusions And Divorce”

Chapter 27 : The “Most Glorious Principal” Of Calling And Election

My 54 Week Journey “A Personal Testimony” – a personal account of being born again
Accounts of the Baptisms of Fire of Heber C. Kimball, Lorenzo Snow & others
“Try The Spirits” – an editorial by Joseph Smith from the “Times and Seasons” April 1, 1842


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