"And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?" Alma 5:14





1 The Key To Establishing A Zion Society

    Additional Scriptures On The Reality And Importance Of The Change

   “Say Nothing but Repentance” Finally Clearly Explained

    The “Gospel” As Defined By The Lord

    Excerpts From “Mormon Doctrine” By Bruce R. McConkie

    The Adversary Hates The Baptism Of Fire Doctrine

2 Is The Change Really An Event – And Just How Important Is It, Really?

   Is It Really An Identifiable Event

   Is There Another Way

   Just How Important Is This Change

3 What Time Is It?

4 Condemnation – Why We Are Under It – And – How To Remove It


            5 Righteousness

               The Righteousness Formula


               Proper Attitude

               Pure Motive

               Priesthood Or Priestcraft

               Power Of God

               A Word Of Caution

           6 Pinpointing Our Present Condition

           7 Is There A Way Out?

              Lifting The Condemnations — Belief vs Unbelief

              The “We Have Enough” Attitude

              The Vanity Attitude


              The Faith Of A Lad

              Faith To Loan

              The Faith Of A Widow

              The Lord’s Promises

              Prosperity – The Two-Edged Sword

          8 Clean

              What Does It Mean To Be Clean

              Forgiveness For The Subjects Of King Benjamin

          9 Mighty Prayer

         10 Remission Of Sins (Plural)

              When The Lord Opens The Bag

         11 The Lord’s Part In Repentance

              Keith – A Modern Enos

              The Application

         12 Manifestations That Attend True Repentance

         13 The Hated Principle – Fasting

               Fasting Strips The Devil Of His Power

              The Lord’s Call

              Fasting – Sacrificial Suffering

              The Crisis

         14 Preparation For Baptism

              Baptism Preparation For Those Who Are Accountable

         15 The Synonyms

         16 The Voice


              The Prison Conversion

              Satan’s Voice

        17 The Promise

        18 Rest

        19 Opposition And Praise

        20 The Forgiving Attitude

        21 Mercy, Justice And Judgment



        22 The Divine Laws Of Love – Our Prime Directives

        23 One More Time – A Review

             Confession And The Broken Heart And Contrite Spirit

             Fasting And Prayer

             Daily Devotions And The Sacrament

             Ask and Ye Shall Receive

             Sincere Desire

        24 Final Thoughts

             What To Expect

             What It Is Not – Not “Purification”


             What It Is – Additional Aspects

             Qualify As A Candidate For The Church Of The Firstborn

             Certain Additional Knowledge

             New Insights Into The Scriptures

             Judgments Stayed

             Enduring To The End – Or Retaining A Remission Of Your Sins

             The Only Way – Keeping And Following The Spirit Of The Lord

        25 CAUTION: Beware The Principle Of The Two-Edged Sword!!


        26 Delusions And Divorce – A Scriptural Position

              Delusions Caused By Satan

              Man-Caused Delusions

              Delusions From God

              The Lord’s Commandments On Divorce And Marriage

              Addendum To “Delusions And Divorce”


        27 The “Most Glorious Principal” Of Calling And Election


        My 54 Week Journey

        “A Personal Testimony” – a personal account of being born again

        Accounts of the Baptisms of Fire of Heber C. Kimball, Lorenzo Snow & others

        “Try The Spirits” – an editorial by Joseph Smith from the “Times and Seasons” April 1, 1842


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Experiencing the mighty change of heart, which is the same as the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost, is such an essential fundamental of the gospel that the Prophet Joseph expressed its importance this way:

You might as well baptize a bag of sand as a man, if not done in view of the remission of sins and getting of the Holy Ghost. Baptism by water is but half a baptism. and is good for nothing without the other half–that is. the baptism of the Holy Ghost. TPJS, pg. 314.

The baptism of water. without the baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost attending it. is of no use; they are necessarily and inseparably connected. TPJS, pg. 360.

This book examines many of the scriptures and prophetic teachings about the mighty change experience; explains the few simple laws pertaining to receiving it; explains the many effects of the change; decodes the scriptures by identifying many of the different scriptural synonyms; provides some historical and contemporary accounts of this sacred experience; and demonstrates precisely why the mighty change and the attendant remission of sins is required to perfect each Saint, attain the celestial kingdom, and redeem Zion.

An astonishing find in this modest little book. In fact, when you are ready for it, this just may be one of the most valuable books you will ever read.

Virtually every chapter contains remarkable insights. The best “How To” book on coming to Christ I have ever read. This is truly meat, not milk.

Unquestionably one of the ten most valuable books, other than the scriptures, that I have read since I joined the LDS Church in 1961. I wholeheartedly recommend it to every committed Christian.

Foothill Publishing


To Glendon and Bobette Johnson whose

“… except for the scriptures, this is the best book I have read since joining the Church 26 years ago!” Robert Sandberg, Nine Mile Falls, WA


“I have rarely seen people respond like this to a book. People will buy one and within a week or two they’re back for five or ten more.” Mark Taylor, Trax Audio & Books, Salt Lake City, UT

“I became acquainted with “Experiencing The Mighty Change” after a ruptured aneurysm nearly ended my mortal existence. Through the power of a priesthood blessing, my life was spared. There is nothing quite like being the recipient of such a miracle to make you aware of the fragility of life, and the importance of coming to Christ – NOW. This book came to me at that time when I both needed it and was ready for it’s message. What a tremendous help it has been in teaching me how to prepare for the baptism by fire, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the very real possibility of making my calling and election sure in this life. I thank the authors with all my heart. I consider this book my second miracle.” Ruth Di Francesco, Salt Lake City, UT

“I’ve found this book to be one of the most thought provoking books I have read. It made me take inventory of myself and do some very serious thinking as to my standing and position with the Lord.” Mel Fish, M.S., West Valley City, Utah

Christ-like example made this possible.


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